Gaufest 25, Milwaukee


     G.T.E.V. D’Oberlandler Inc. is a non profit social-dance organization from Southern California that strives to preserve and perpetuate the customs, traditions, language, costumes, music and dances of Bavaria. D’Oberlandler, when translated, means the mountain people or the highlander.

     G.T.E.V. D’Oberlandler Inc. is a member of the Gauverband Nordamerika, a federation of Schuhplattler clubs in North America. There are about 70 member clubs, with over 3000 members. There is only one Gau in North America.

     Our Tracht (costume) is from the Miesbacher region, or Miesbach. The men’s costume includes black Lederhosen with green embroidery, colorfully embroidered Traeger (suspenders), a white shirt, embroidered knee socks, and a green velour hat with an Eagle feather. The women’s costume includes a short-sleeved white blouse, a black boned vest fastened with chains (mieder), a light green shawl, a green pleated skirt, a green apron, white cotton tights, black shoes, a green velour hat with a white plume feather, and traditional Bavarian jewelry. Most of the costume pieces must be imported from Germany, although a few of the women’s garments are sewn in the traditional manner by the women themselves.

     Our dances include the Holzhacker (the wood cutter), Muhlradl (the Miller’s dance), and the Glockenplattler (the Bell dance).

     In addition to dances, we also play three musical instruments. First, the accordion is played during the dances. Second, the Glocken (cowbells) are often performed. They consist of large and small sets of bells that are musically tuned. A couple of our members also play the Alpenhorn. The Alpenhorn is a wooden horn that is about 12 feet long, straight with a slight curve at the mouth of the horn. It was originally used in the alpine regions to communicate long distances.

     The bulk of our performances are in April-May and in September-October, although a few may occur at other times of the year. Most are on weekends, a few are on weeknights, and we occasionally have a performance on a weekday. View our current schedule in our calendar for upcoming events.